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Welcome to the Haley's Electrical Engineering cc website

Thank you for taking the time to browse the Haley's Electrical Engineering cc (Formerly Haley & Company) website. We trust that all your needs and requirements are met with satisfaction. As a supplier of specialized electrical engineering products we have over the years become leading stockists of cable markers, enclosures, bootlace ferrules and solderless crimp terminals.

We manufacture locally a range of Haleyester enclosures ensuring a steady supply of competitively priced enclosures. Haley's is also proud to be the stockist and distributor of Partex marking systems in Southern Africa. We have been proud business partners for more than thirty years providing cable markers to an ever increasing market. Using state of the art Partex printing machines we produce at our works pre-printed cable markers.


Although specializing in cable markers, enclosures, bootlace ferrules and solderless crimp terminals we have endeavored to include as much information, with pictures of our most popular stocked products. This, we hope, will enable you to make an informative decision on your future requirements. We trust you find this useful and in a user friendly format.

At Haley's we have always strived to ensure that products are readily available and we pride ourselves in prompt and effective service delivery throughout Southern Africa and beyond.


Important news: Partex Marking Systems AB, based in Sweden, has acquired 70% of Haley’s Electrical. This means that Partex now has its own subsidiaries in thirteen countries across the world. Partex intends to expand their product- and brand footprint in the region.